Metropolitan City Outreach

Churches in large metropolitan areas like Minneapolis St. Paul are becoming increasingly reluctant to use hunting for outreach and allow firearms (even archery equipment) or taxidermy inside their buildings. And yet there are over 103,000 licensed deer hunters in the Twin Cities metro area not counting upland bird hunters, waterfowl hunters, turkey hunters, other big game hunters, out of state hunters and that portion of Minnesota’s 1.4 million licensed fishermen living in the metro area. It’s this audience we’re planning on targeting with an annual off-site multi-church sportsman’s outreach dinner (2,500-3,000) beginning in 2024 that we’re testing with a small (340) event in 2023.

The event will be patterned after fundraiser dinners run by conservation organizations like Ducks Unlimited, Safari Club International, Pheasants Forever and Trout Unlimited. Our goal is not fund raising, it’s to see if we can cover costs that allows us to expand the test to a major multi-church outreach event to reach sportsmen in metropolitan areas for Christ that doesn’t depend on churches for financial support. If you’d like to assist, or simply receive updates on our progress, click here.