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Trophies of Grace believes that a fishing and hunting trip can provide Christians with a great opportunity to invite someone they want to invest in if their purpose for the invitation is something more than just a great time in the outdoors. If you’re interested in organizing a trip for your church or faith-based organization, we may be able to assist in putting together a great trip with guides who are serious about both their faith and their love of hunting and fishing; guides who naturally bring conversations around to the one who made the great outdoors. Whitetails in the Dakotas and Michigan, salmon and smallmouth in Wisconsin, ice fishing in North Dakota and Wisconsin, walleyes in the boundary waters and more.  For more information, click here.

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For additional information on any of our 2022/2023 Outdoor Adventure Trips, complete and submit the form. You may also call Dave Hulce at 920-562-1561.

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