Barn Meetings

Men’s Barn Meetings

a place for men to come together, share a meal, fellowship, and hear a message from a special speaker


The Men’s Barn Meeting Ministry was started by the Porter family of Pensacola, Florida and the first meeting was held in a picnic pavilion in Molino, Florida August of 2002. Attendance of men and boys grew monthly and a barn was built to accommodate the crowds.  Since that time there have only been two meetings cancelled and those were after major Florida hurricanes in 2004 and 2005 that knocked out electricity. Current monthly attendance averages 350.


The Men’s Barn Meetings barn sits alongside a lake in a beautiful wooded setting.  It’s furnished with over 50 diverse donated mounts ranging from birds like ducks and turkeys to deer, elk, antelope and caribou to alligators and African species.  After a free steak dinner with all the trimmings lots of good fellowship and music a guest speaker shares his testimony and closes with a clear presentation of the gospel message.
The most popular Men’s Barn Meeting’s event has been the Sportsman’s Night which showcased trophy big game mounts from around the world.  The amazing reception to this event led to the creation of Trophies of Grace where the successful Men’s Barn Meeting concept has been taken “on the road” and is being shared with churches and faith-based organizations.
And still, after all these years and nearly 52,000 free steak dinners and 2,900 have made decisions to follow Christ, Men’s Barn Meetings Ministry continues to reach men for Christ throughout the Southeast from its base in Northwest Florida.


Check out our Barn Meetings Schedule on the Calendar Page and and come join us for a free steak dinner.  And if you’d like to follow the progress of the Barn Meeting’s ministry and be notified of upcoming meetings and speakers, please visit and click “Contact Us”.

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