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Spreading The Gospel Through
God’s Great Outdoors

Partnering with Pastors and Churches
to Connect Sportsmen to Christ


The US Department of the Interior estimates that nearly 14 million Americans hunt, 33 million fish. The majority of those are men and Chris Wells, Chaplain of the National Bass Elite Fishing Series shares these statistics at many of the sportsman’s dinners he frequently speaks at:

“Reach a child for Christ and there’s a 4% chance that child’s family will begin attending church.

Reach a woman for Christ, there’s a 17% chance her family will attend church.

But reach a man for Christ, there’s a 94% chance his entire family will begin attending church!”

Trophies of Grace partners with pastors by bringing an amazing display of world-class whitetail deer that allows churches and faith based organizations to offer a powerful cost effective sportsman’s dinner outreach event that draws people that otherwise may never attend a regular church service.  Our experience shows that the outdoors enthusiast audience is more receptive to the gospel message than the general public as a whole.


Chance that child’s family will
begin attending church if you
reach a child for Christ


Chance the family will
attend church if you reach
a woman for Christ


Chance the entire family will
begin attending church if
you reach a man for Christ


A typical sportsman’s dinner outreach event includes the trophy display, dinner, outdoor themed door prizes, seminars, a presentation on several of the trophy deer and a clear gospel presentation by a guest speaker.
Our amazing collection of free-range whitetail bucks score between 176 5/8 and 334 0/8 using the Boone & Crockett Club scoring system and they provide a huge draw for the event. Christians who sometimes find it difficult to invite  non-Christians to church have little difficulty inviting their non-Christian outdoors friends and acquaintances to a sportsman’s dinner event.
Trophies of Grace offers more than world class trophies. We’re anxious to share years of experience gained from coordinating hundreds of events of all sizes to help make sportsman’s outreach events successful and cost effective.  We’re a  501C-3 all-volunteer non-profit that makes it as reasonable as possible for churches and faith based organizations to use our mounts and services.


Our goal is to draw outdoor enthusiasts to events where they not only see the wonders of nature but where they’re introduced to its Designer and Creator.  The true Trophies of Grace are not the deer mounts…the true Trophies of Grace are those whose lives have been redeemed by accepting God’s free gift of His son, Jesus Christ as Savior.
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