Capital Christian Center Testimonial

Capital Christian Center Testimonial

According to Pastor Dan Kent, Capital Christian Center’s January 2020 Sportsman’s Dinner in Bismarck, ND made a real impact in their church and the community. Our leadership team and members really came together in participation for this community outreach event. It was exciting to see our pastors, leadership team and members actively engaged in ministry.

The number of “new contacts” the church made that evening was impressive. Friends, neighbors and family that had been unsuccessfully invited to church came to the sportsman’s dinner…and thanked the one who invited them. Seven people, including several teenage sportsmen, submitted response cards indicating they had given their lives to Christ.

Pastor Dan shared several powerful stories from the evening including one about a meeting he’d scheduled just prior to the dinner for personal professional work with a man he hadn’t previously met. As Pastor Kent met with this man he began to share a real need in his life. Pastor Kent had the opportunity to pray with him. At the conclusion of their business Dan asked if he was a hunter and invited him to the dinner. He was very thankful for the invitation and attended. He was receptive to the message. Pastor Kent said: “I believe it was a divine appointment in this man’s life”.

Thanks to Pastor Dan Kent and the Capital Christian Center for your partnership in furthering the gospel! To learn more about Trophies of Grace, please explore the rest of our website. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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