A Powerful Testimonial from St John’s Lutheran Church in Wausau, WI

Church Outreach Event for Hunters

A Powerful Testimonial from St John’s Lutheran Church in Wausau, WI

There are nearly 2,000,000 residents that hunt and fish each year in Wisconsin. While not all of them live in the town of Wausau, enough do that St John’s Lutheran Church uses a Free Wild Game Feed and Seminar each year to reach sportsmen in their community for Christ.

For the past five years, St. John’s has featured the impressive whitetail buck mounts of Trophies of Grace in their promotional advertising to build attendance for their event.  Lyle Kunze who heads the Wild Game Feed committee credits the trophy display for drawing people to the event who otherwise would never see the inside of a church.

The focus of the event is entirely on outreach. Posters are placed in bars, lounges, restaurants, gas stations and grocery stores, in order to reach un-churched sportsmen.

The annual Wild Game Feed has reached many people in the Wausau community for Christ. Feedback collected from the event helps to shape each subsequent year, and continues to reinforce the effectiveness of the trophy display. In addition to the mini-seminars that are built around stories of deer in the display, there’s no doubt that this trophy whitetail display is a crowd-drawing attraction.

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