A Word From Jon Paul Moody: A Trophies of Grace Testimonial

Speaker Jon Paul Moody

A Word From Jon Paul Moody: A Trophies of Grace Testimonial

Jon Paul Moody of Harvest Ministries is a gifted Christian speaker and World Predator calling Champion. He’s also won the NRA Great American Game Calling Challenge, which has been called “The Super Bowl of Game Calling”. At this NRA event, contestants are required to call seven different species, including Canada goose, turkey, barred owl, elk, mallard duck, whitetail deer, and coyote.

Jon Paul was the featured speaker at the Barn Meeting when Trophies of Grace moved into their new barn facility. Since that time he’s featured the Trophies of Grace whitetail display at several sportsman’s dinners and Harvest Ministries/Covenant Ranch outreach events.

According to Jon Paul, the world class whitetail display, “is a tremendous tool that brings sportsmen out of the woodwork.”

“It’s just something every redneck hunter wants to see,” he continued. “It also adds to the atmosphere and it save the church time as it eliminates the need for most, if not all of decorating for the event.”

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